The Boys

Our friendly Alpacas

All of our boys are friendly and happy to meet people. They love their carrots and enjoy going for walks.  You can feed them by hand and even gently stroke them on the neck. If you are extra lucky you may even get a nosey nosey kiss. They all have different personalities so below is some pictures and a short description of them.  Alpacas are prey animals so although we have trained our boys to feel comfortable around visitors there are still some important rules to abide by when amongst them.  See our terms and conditions page.



The Adorable

Aubree is one of the smallest of our boys and the one that everyone falls in love with when he flutters his eye lashes at them. He is light/medium brown colour and is one for the ladies. He has a gentle nature and is a great walker with younger children.



Feed Bowl Cleaner

Benjen is an off white colour with tan coloured backs of his ears. He always has a roll in the shelter after meals and takes great care to ensure the bowls are clean! He often gets caught being mischievous finding and eating the hidden carrots.


Sir Davos

The lookout

Davos is always on alert. He is the biggest of our boys but most elegant too. He keeps his head high and has great composition. He is a lovely white colour with a short face. He keeps his distance but loves a cuddle from time to time.



Carrot Gobbler

Marsden will be the first to the gate for feeding time and is always on the lookout for someone who might bring him carrots. He is a bright white colour and his fleece gets extra thick and deep.  He is often at the front of the herd when walking and likes to think he is the boss of the others. He is a very friendly 'paca and is always pulling funny expressions. He is soft and gentle with children.


Sunset Sky

Human Welfare

Sunset is one of the friendliest alpacas we have but also quite lively and always on the move. Like Marsden he loves carrots and feeding time for both the food and the attention.  He is medium grey coloured and so soft and fluffy.  Once he has settled to you he will definitely let you have a cuddle.  He is inquisitive about younger children and once you get used to his lively nature he soon settles and helps you feel comfortable and relaxed around the rest of the herd.




 ' Banana ears'

Erik is a lovely natured alpaca. His soft fine fleece and cute little face is enough for anyone to fall in love with him. He has small banana shaped ears that need moisturising in the hot weather.

He knows his name well and comes running when we call him. Erik will often give you a kiss if you lean towards him. He earned his name from the tv series 'Banana Man.'




 'The Pooper'

Merlin is a dark brown colour, but when you part his fleece he is actually black.  He has a white patch on his nose and a white beard which is why we named him Merlin. His best friend is Erik and they love playing together in the fields. Merlin ‘The Pooper” likes to poop everywhere rather than on the midden! He is very friendly and loves his carrots but he likes them cut smaller. He always comes running when we call him.



 ' Little Mouse'

Dandelion is such a lovely boy, he is medium fawn colour with white markings on his face. He has a short nose that twitches like a mouse. He loves playing in the paddling pool on hot days and often puts his head through the fence to eat the grass on the other side. He loves playing in the field with Burdock and Blackberry but sometimes hangs out with Uncle Sir Davos. 




 ' Blue Eyes'

Burdock is such a gentle loving boy, he is dark brown with white markings on his face and a white fringe. He has blue eyes that sparkle in the light and a soft loving nose which he is always giving nosey nosey kisses with. He loves playing in the field with Dandelion and Blackberry and also likes wrestling with Erik. 

Blackberry 1.jpg




Blackberry is such a gentle loving boy, he is a black colour, has a cute face with feathered ears and a short nose. He loves playing in the fields with Dandelion and Burdock and likes to be up at the front for feeding time. Sometimes he makes pig noises as he loves his food. He is the youngest of all our first 10 boys.