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Meet the Savages

A Family of Workers

From our family to yours, Lower Bush Alpacas opened for business Oct 2019.  Our team of 'paca lovers (Jon, Jemeela, Roger, Hilary and our two children, Harry and Freddie) all come together to make your visit to Lower Bush Alpacas thoroughly enjoyable.


Jonathan Savage

Owner - Head Macho - Animal Welfare.
Full time worker.

Jon looks after the alpacas daily and is the drive behind us all. He has the passion, vision and mindset to make our dream a success.  Jon has a great affinity with the alpacas and is their Alpha, the Head Macho. They respect each other and enjoy each others company. Jon continues to learn a great deal to ensure the alpacas live a happy and healthy life with us. He will be on the farm full time and will be doing all the alpaca walks, with help from the rest of the team.

Jemeela Savage

Owner - Animal Welfare - Alpaca Therapy and Mindfulness -  Social Media Champion.

Jemeela works day and night to share the daily life of Lower Bush Alpacas with others, educating our friends, followers and the local community about the benefits of spending time with our amazing alpacas.  Jemeela is a full time Mummy, part-time Clinical Psychologist, and an integral part of the running of the farm. 

Jemeela is planning some Mindfulness-based sessions on the farm and researching other avenues for therapeutic intervention based on the emerging evidence for the benefits of spending time with alpacas. She is particularly interested in the benefits for those with Special Educational Needs.


Roger Savage

Farm Owner - Animal Welfare

Roger (Jon's Dad) is not afraid of hard work and proves it on the farm daily. With so much knowledge and experience, Roger is an invaluable part of our team.

We couldn't have started this enterprise without his support and the use of his land.

Hilary Savage

Farm Owner - Helping Hand - Support

Hilary has been a big part of Lower Bush Alpacas since the very start. Being Roger's wife she gives lots of support to us all, especially Roger and she also makes sure things are always kept light and happy at the farm.  She is a talented artist and a keen botanist.


Chief Paca Poo Picker

Harry is our 3 year old son who is full of life and loves the outdoors. He has an endearing character and loves his alpacas. He is a great farm helper and has his own set of jobs on the farm which included educating other children about how to behave around the alpacas. We are delighted to be able to involve our children in this venture.


Farm hand

Freddie is our 3 month old son, a smiley, bouncy, happy boy who we hope will enjoy farm life as much as the rest of us. Currently his roles are sleeping in the field shelter whilst Mummy poo-picks and sleeping in the carrier during walking practice.

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