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Our story

Welcome to Lower Bush Alpacas. We are Jon and Jemeela Savage and our two young children, Harry (3 years) and Freddie (3 months). With support from Jon’s Dad, Roger, and his wife, Hilary, we are excited to welcome five male alpacas into our family. The alpacas came to their new home in Cuxton, Kent in July 2019. A new chapter in our lives has begun and we are excited to share it with you.

Our first encounter with an alpaca was in September 2018 on a petting farm where our son Harry was in his element. We found being with alpacas created a feeling we couldn't get enough of and so was born our alpaca love! The alpacas were so curious about Harry and they became best friends immediately. 

Our boys Aubree, Benjen, Davos, Marsden and Sunset have settled into their new home well. We have spent many hours with them, getting to know their individual personalities, gaining their trust through making them feel safe and comfortable, meanwhile working hard to learn all we can about taking care of them.

From early in 2020, we will be able to share the alpaca love with you against the backdrop of the beautiful West Kent Downs countryside where they live. Be careful! You might catch the 'paca love too!

So this is where our journey begins.........

Now that we have our 5 beautiful boy alpacas purchased from two breeders: ( Barnacre Alpacas and Meon Valley Alpacas ) our dream has finally become a reality.

We are now Alpacapreneurs and hope to have a happy thriving business that brings joy to everyone we come across.  Our alpacas are a focal point in our family and we love nothing but spending hours together, just watching them play in the fields.  We have been on some husbandry days learning all we can (at Spring Farm Alpacas ) to ensure we have the knowledge to look after these amazing animals properly. 

Our plan is to open New Year 2020 for Alpaca Experiences, beginning with Alpaca Walking. As our venture grows so will the experiences available and the amount of time we can share our alpacas with you.  So eventually at Lower Bush Alpacas we hope to offer a range of wonderful  'Adventure with Alpaca Experiences'. Walking, Petting, Picnics, Birthdays, Mindfulness sessions, Therapeutic Sessions, Morning or Full day experiences, Husbandry courses, Voluntary days, Bed and Breakfast Packages, School Visits and maybe even trips to Care or Nursing Homes or other places to meet people who cannot come to us. 

So now you know our story, we look forward to  sharing many more as our adventure continues. See our social media accounts for the daily goings on around the farm.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to book up an experience in advance or buy a voucher please feel free to contact us. Details on the contact page or just hit the get in touch button below.

Meet The Team

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